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'The Ancestors of Christ Windows at Canterbury Cathedral' by Weaver and Caviness



'The Ancestors of Christ Windows at Canterbury Cathedral' by Weaver and Caviness

This richly illustrated book discusses the original context, iconographic program, and stylistic development of the windows and provides an in-depth consideration of the six works, from Jared and Lamech to Noah and Abraham. It ties in with the major exhibitions in the USA in 2014 and one in the Chapter House at Canterbury Cathedral in summer 2015. The text explores how the windows were perceived by a diverse medieval viewing audience that encompassed royals, peasants, princes of the church, the local Jewish community, and monks residing at Canterbury.
Jeffrey Weaver is associate curator in the Department of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Madeline H. Caviness is the Mary Richardson Professor Emeritus in the Department of Art and Art History at Tufts University.
Softback 104pp.
Canterbury Cathedral is renowned for the magnificence of its architecture and the splendour of its stained glass windows, a remarkable number of which have survived from the Middle Ages. The twelfth-century Ancestors of Christ windows exemplify some of the oldest monumental stained glass in all of England. Representing the individual male ancestors of Christ as listed primarily in the Gospel of Luke, the Old Testament patriarchs depicted in these luminous windows have been objects of reverence and admiration for more than eight centuries and are introduced to a wider public here for the first time.
The Ancestors of Christ windows are considered to be among the most famous works of English medieval painting. Created for the cathedral and priory church of Canterbury beginning in 1178, the series originally comprised of eighty-six life-size figures positioned in the clerestory windows ringing the eastern end of the building that looked down on the choir, the high altar, and the liturgical spaces below. Made of brilliant, coloured glass, with details of the faces and costumes painted on their surfaces, these figures depict Old Testament patriarchs that represent the genealogy of Christ from Adam. The surviving works from this series of windows are among the oldest panels of stained glass in England and are significant examples of a relatively new art form in their time: monumental stained glass.

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