Canterbury Cathedral Model (820+ Pieces)


This highly detailed model accurately recreates the great historic building of Canterbury Cathedral.  A MICRODESIGNS interpretation of this real-world English landmark. The set includes over 820 pieces and makes an accurate representation of the Cathedral including key features such as; unique windows, the Great South Door and Bell Harry Tower.

For ages 8+.

Dimensions when built:
Length: 16cm (6.25")
Width: 8cm (3.25")
Height: 11cm (4.5")

€22.45 £20.00 $25.47

Canterbury Cathedral Headphones

Portable in-ear headphones with a useful plastic case

€3.37 £3.00 $3.82

Canterbury Cathedral Model (820+ Pieces)

A highly detailed model of Canterbury Cathedral with over 820 pieces.

€22.45 £20.00 $25.47
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