Hestia Ionic Column Candle Terracotta

ITEM NUMBER: 8436564292513

This terracotta coloured candle adds an element of Grecian grace to any setting. Shaped like a classical Ionic column (scrolled capital) and made of parafin wax, this candle makes a fabulous decoration. However, unlike the much larger and sturdier columns found at Canterbury Cathedral, this candle will not support the wight of a 14th Century roof.

9cm x 10cm x 25.5cm


€25.26 £22.50 $28.66

Hestia Corinthian Column Candle Blue

A tall candle shaped like a corinthian column.

€28.06 £25.00 $31.84

Hestia Ionic Column Candle Terracotta

A decorative candle shaped like a classical Ionic column 

€25.26 £22.50 $28.66
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