Thomas Becket: Murder and the Making of a Saint


Lloyd de Beer and Naomi Speakman tell the story of Thomas Becket’s dramatic life, death and legacy through a stunning array of objects, including medieval stained glass, manuscripts, jewellery and sacred reliquaries.

They reveal Canterbury Cathedral’s transformation into one of Europe’s most popular pilgrimage destinations. Over the centuries, pilgrims visited Becket’s shrine in their thousands, a journey famously reimagined by Geoffrey Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales.

A dedicated section by Rachel Koopmans features ground-breaking new research, and delves deeper into Becket’s miracle stories through the lens of one of the stained glass miracle windows from the cathedral.

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Thomas Becket: Making of a Saint

The accompanying catalogue to the British Museum exhibition Becket: murder and the making of a saint.

€39.29 £35.00 $44.58
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