Saint Augustine, Apostle of England.


The Story of Saint Augustine, Apostle of England, as retold by James and Suzanne Robinson. The story of the man who reignited the Christian faith in Britain. In 597 AD a party of 40 monks landed their boat on the Kent Coast, ending a journey that had started in Italy and which had taken nearly a year to complete. Led by a Roman prior called Augustine, this small group took only a few years to build the foundations of a new Christian Church in Britain. Sent on this difficult mission by his friend, Pope Gregory, Augustine was a man who had never expected to live an extraordinary life...
Beautifully illustrated with over 20 original watercolours, this book tells the story of St. Augustine, Apostle of England, for a younger audience. Charting not only Augustine's life and work but also the development of his legacy up to the present day, it offers a powerful example of how hard work and belief can achieve great things. Softback 28 pages. 11.5 x 8.5" / 29.5 x 21 cms.

€7.85 £6.99 $8.90

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Saint Augustine, Apostle of England.

The Story of Saint Augustine, Apostle of England.

€7.85 £6.99 $8.90
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