Glorious Guineas

ITEM NUMBER: 9781907437083

Written by Margaret Ovenden and Illustrated by Sally Such, this charming children's tale features some of the Deanary's famous guinea fowl and their adventures around the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral. Margaret and Sally are both long-standing virgers for the Cathedral and here they share their unique insights into daily life in the precincts through the lens of our Glorious Guineas.

All profits of this wonderful book directly support Canterbury Cathedral.

€11.22 £10.00 $12.74

Saint Augustine, Apostle of England.

The Story of Saint Augustine, Apostle of England.

€7.85 £6.99 $8.90

Glorious Guineas

Glorious Guineas children's book

€11.22 £10.00 $12.74
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