The Canterbury Book of New Parish Prayers

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This collection is for all who lead worship, school assemblies, meetings and occasions at which prayers are offered, and also for those who wish to pray privately but who struggle to find the words. It is designed to enable anyone to find a well-written prayer and bidding on a broad range of topics quickly and with minimum effort.

It compromises some 500 original collect-style prayers and biddings, which cover the Church's year, the wider life of the Church, and the life of the world. Prayers are provided for a broad range of issues and concerns, from topics familiar from older prayer books, but also subjects that have come to the fore in more recent years, such as the environment, mental health, and the challenges of combatting prejudice and discrimination in our society. They may be readily adapted to include local or current concerns and events.

The prayers are written in fresh and contemporary language, yet the formal and concise style makes them especially suitable for public worship in all settings, enabling them to fulfil the traditional role of collects, gathering into one the intercessions and meditations of the people.

The volume also includes helpful guides on leading public prayer, writing your own prayers, and using this book for personal prayer.


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The Canterbury Book of New Parish Prayers

A collection of prayers authored by Max Kramer, the Precentor at Canterbury Cathedral.  

€22.44 £19.99 $25.46
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