In store Products

At our shop at 25 Burgate, Canterbury we are pleased to be stockists for some leading collectible craft brands. In many cases we are the only outlet in Canterbury, or sometimes Kent, for these. These ranges are not normally available for mail order. So please come in to Canterbury and browse. We look forward to welcoming you.

  • Dora Designs

    This attractive range of home accessories are designs of animal characters, each of which are the creation of Angela Stevens, who founded the company in 1991. These are available as doorstops and paperweights, and are made from high quality jacquard fabric.

  • Brighton Roc

    These beautiful textured mirrors and candle holders are inspired by England's wealth of architecture. The mirror surrounds are reproductions of Gothic windows and other elements of stone carving, looking and feeling like reclaimed stone and serving as a focal point in any room or outdoor space.

  • Nobilé Glass

    Each piece is mouth-blown and hand decorated. The colour intensity of each piece will vary depending on the artist's application of colours. On some of the pieces of this unique glassware, a swirl or an air bubble may be found, which is one of the attractions of something mouth-blown and emphasises the individual nature of the glassware.

  • Emma Bridgewater

    Emma Bridgewater, who continues to set trends in kitchen and home decorations twenty five years on, produces ever changing ranges of sponge decorated and lithograph pottery, all made at her factory in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The famous "Toast & Marmalade" script design and the "Birds" sets (illustrated by Matthew Rice) are both immensely popular

  • Canterbury Cathedral Ale

    Available exclusively from Canterbury Cathedral Shop, this aromatic amber bitter is brewed from the finest floor malted barley and Kent hops at Bleangate Brewery in Herne near Canterbury. In the medieval period the monks brewed beer as the water was unfit to drink.

  • Heron Cross Pottery

    Heron Cross Pottery continues to make classic fine English earthenware at the Hines Street site in Stoke-on-Trent which also houses other innovative ceramic companies. As a grade II listed building it boasts one of the few remaining historic bottle kilns in the city.

We also have selections from Ashleigh and Burwood, Pitkin, Shared Earth and Calligraphy amongst many others.